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Friday, June 24, 2005


Okay kids, get out the history books, because even I can't believe I'm getting ready to do this. Yes, I am going to defend Courtney Love.

Here's Courtney with Pamela Anderson from like, a few days ago.

Courtney Love, the queen of bitches and witches, went off the deep end awhile back. After much headline-making and court appearances, Courtney is ordered to get clean before she can regain custody of her daughter. And......she does it. Good for her. And....she gains weight while she's at it.

Now I enjoy some good ol' sleazy Hollywood bashing just like the next person, but I gotta speak up here. I have read some of the most unbelievably mean and shallow comments about Courtney and her weight gain. One even said "Courtney's dilemma: her daughter or her figure?" and it goes on to rant and rave like this is really a choice she'll need to be thinking hard about. Not to mention all the "whale" and "buffalo ass" comments.

People, come on!!!!! The woman has quit some of the hardest drugs known to man to regain her beautiful daughter. You should know her brain chemistry is screwed up (even more so than usual) beyond belief. It is not unusual for people who quit drugs (especially cocaine) to gain significant weight trying to compensate for serotonin loss.

I have been truly shocked at the coldness of the comments.....people just seem like they have lost all compassion these days. This is not the same thing as snickering at Tom and Katie while they convince us of their love. This is laughing at a woman who's fighting a real battle that a lot of people don't win. BE NICE!!!!

And I can't stand the woman!! If I can be nice, so can you.

In other news, here's a beautiful young lady who's diligently working hard to destroy her own serotonin supply:

I just loooooove Charlotte Church. When we die and go to the great beyond, the angels are going to sound just like Charlotte Church singing.

But even talented angelic children grow older and must experience the ways of the world:

Its heartbreaking, really. I'm going to be in heaven expecting Charlotte Church to sing and she's going to be drinking triple vodkas.


And finally, this. I've been holding on to this one for awhile, but I can't hold it back any longer: