I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Because of all the crazy stuff that goes on here at my blog, you might not believe this but I am actually a sensitive caring person. Sometimes. I care about people and I get attached to them. This includes people that I really don't know but I read their blogs almost every day and I feel like I know them. I know that a lot of people are hiding behind the internet....they aren't who they say they are or they try to be a tough guy/girl when they really aren't or they're just plain pulling everyone's leg and having a great time. But even when they are lying through their teeth, if you keep reading, their true self shines through eventually.

Most of my favorite blogs are the ones where the author takes their every day life and somehow makes me crack up. I love the comedians, the smart asses, the wise guys, and the creatives. I also read a couple of tragic and poignant blogs that are pretty good. I'm addicted to all of them.

But the ones that kill me are the ones that disappear. They have a good blog and you really grow attached to them....but poof! One day they just stop blogging. The blog disappears or its never updated anymore. And you wonder, where did they go? I know most people are way too busy to update....but if a month (OR MORE!) has gone by and you've not updated....I do worry. And I can't stop checking back. If a significant amount of time has gone by and you haven't updated....please just type a short "I haven't felt like blogging" or "On blogging hiatus"....just so I know you're okay.

I've had two people disappear on me online. I just try to remember the adage about how people come into our lives, some for only a short time and some for all our lives....blah, blah, blah. Then there is those that pass by like a puff of smoke and the ocean and then they're gone. I tell myself well that's life but deep inside I wonder did I make a short friendship all it could really be, because we only pass this way once and blah, blah, blah. And I wonder what happened and if they are safe.

SOOOO, the friggin' moral of the story is.....give your stupid Blogger password to someone you know and trust so that if anything ever happens to you, they can let your readers ( i.e. ME) know the deal. And I won't have to write snivelly little posts like this.