I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I am having a bad animal week. You already know about the squirrel demolishing the laundry room and the spider bite (I AM recovering). Well. Every animal on the radius of my property line has decided that they have a problem.

I looked in on my buddy the python, who is disgustingly healthy and growing fatter by the minute. He's even shedding his skin for the first time which means.....growth spurt. I really hate that snake. But anyway, I check in on him and his water is gone. Well, I couldn't stand that. Killing him is one thing, but to have him slowly waste away from thirst is just unbearable. And Sparkle wasn't home. I was NOT going to open that cage and put water in, especially with him looking at me like he was. I ended up pouring water in through the top of the screen....it was splashing everywhere and BOY WAS HE PISSED. He was all curled up in striking position and I screamed the whole time I poured water. Screw that snake.

The hamster has decided she doesn't like humans anymore. She has built tunnels under her bedding so she can pop up, grab a drink of water, and then jump back under the bedding again. She is also able to pop up and grab treats out of her bowl and tunnel back in. She never has to face us nasty humans ever again. Until cage cleaning time. Heh heh.

Last night Kitty Girl decided the menu wasn't up to her standards and refused to eat. Then she got very jealous with Kitten, who decided that she didn't have a problem with the menu and was gobbling it all up. MEEEEEOOOOOOOWW!!! Cat fight! I had to go outside and break 'em up.

It wasn't even an hour later that I could hear the cats growling again. I grabbed the flashlight....ran outside....ran back inside to put batteries in the flashlight.....ran back outside...in time to see about 6 deer hanging around in the yard. I watched them for awhile, got the kitties calmed down, and went back inside.

30 minutes later....more cat agitation. I got the flashlight again and got outside in time to catch Kitty Girl with a bunny. Her retaliation for me having the GALL to disgrace her dinner bowl with Beef Feast, I guess. The little bunny was okay but it was raising all kinds of hell.....that sound they make when they're scared makes me want to cry. I got Kitty Girl to let the bunny go and it ran faster than anything I've ever seen. This time I just put the flashlight by the door when I went back inside.

And sure enough, it wasn't long before more hell was being raised and this time it was LOUD and unlike anything I'd ever heard. I got the flashlight AND my stick. I went outside and I was really scared because I had no idea what it could be. I shined the flashlight and two lights shined back at me and it got real quiet. I stayed still and watched and finally it moved.....it was a fox! He was a really cute brown fox. I have no idea what he had been raising hell about...another rabbit maybe? This was my first time seeing one other than just a fleeting glimpse. He sniffed around and kept checking me out too....then finally disappeared into the woods.

Then I get up this morning and Fishie is sick. Poor Fishie is looking really, really bad. I don't think he'll live through the night. I have his tank in "sick bay" mode but I don't have much hope. They only live like 3 years and I've had him since 2002.....and they come to the pet store when they're a year old! So Fishie is pushing 4 years old. He's way past his life expectancy now. I love that fish. I will cup my hand on one side of the tank and he'll come and lay where my hand is and look up at me like "I feel so bad, please do something."