I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I did a lot of "Blog Cleaning" and computer cleaning in general this weekend. I added a lot of bands to my "Cosmic Sounds" list that are either new loves, ones I forgot before, or ones Sparkle wanted to add. I refused to add the Killers for her though, I just don't like them and can't pretend to like them.

I went through my Blogrolling list and updated. I eliminated broken links (except for the Viking King's, I just can't bring myself to delete his link). I got rid of a few blogs.....blogs that I liked but the people never updated, so......and then I added my newbie blogs. Here's descriptions of some of the new blogs I've added on since I last did a post like this:

http://christinesblogbucket.blogspot.com/ - Christine's blog. A young lady who is totally into new shoes and Hollywood gossip. Also she has great abs!
http://crazygirlcity.blogspot.com/ - Crazy Girl's blog. Crazy Girl is the hardest partier of all the blogs I read. Every weekend is another wild adventure for her and her sweetie-pie, The Boy!
http://feedingthedead.blogspot.com/ - Treasure's blog. She is a super-intelligent lady who up until recently was working as a teacher in a school with a lot of underpriviledged kids. Don't miss her 05/11/05 posting.....where she gives Bush's "No Child Left Behind" policy a well-deserved smack-down....straight from the front lines. No word-mincing here!
http://micheleagnew.com/ - Michele's blog. This is a nice place where you can go over on weekends and play her comment game. You leave a comment, visit the blog listed before you and say "Michele sent me" in the comments.....and supposedly the person who visits after you will do the same. I've had some weird things happen though...like people not commenting but whatever. Its still fun.
http://www.monkeytraumacenter.blogspot.com/ - this is the updated version of Ryan's blog, which used to be called "Dancing With Your Murderer". Ryan's music career is well under way now. And he's still telling it like it is.
http://randomspeak.blogspot.com/ - L's blog. L and I seem to like a lot of the same things.....she's into art and books...lots and lots of books! I think L is absolutely charming and I love the pictures she posts on her blog and her writing is great....this is just an all-around good blog.
http://kathompson.blogspot.com/ - Thumper's blog. This is a blog I stumbled across playing the game on Michele Agnew's blog. And when I read it, I couldn't help but notice....this person already had my blog blog-rolled. Woah. The stars aligned and I knew I was destined to read this blog, every day, from now till the end of time.
http://www.theblogslayer.blogspot.com/ - THIS IS MY NEW BLOG! Yes, I started a little blog in honor of the Viking King, my lost blog friend. I am going to tell the story of the Viking King, then I'm just going to let the thing sit there until maybe he shows up again one day(?) Then he won't even have to bother setting up a blog, he can just take this one over. I love that I was able to snag "TheBlogSlayer" as an address! HA! I know he would get a kick out of that.

So there's some good blogs for ya, on top of the already top-notch blogs that were already listed. Get busy reading!