I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Saturday, March 12, 2005


You knew I wouldn't stay away long. I just had to de-internet myself for a little while, I felt bad and I was PMSing and the entire internet was pissing me off so I just left for awhile. This usually happens to me once or twice a year. I took my break and then it wasn't long before I was wondering what everybody was doing. I took a peek at my pet blogs last night just in time to discover that I couldn't comment on anyone's blog with Blogger comments and as soon as I made my first tentative post, it was lost in the Blogger Black Hole, so its great to be back!!!

I got my IV infusion of iron on Wednesday. I was a little nervous when I realized I was getting two bags of a liquid that looked just like sweet tea from Denny's but all was well. They had all the IV infusiants lined up in a little room with a big comfy chair, our IVs and CNN Headline News. The best part was the guy next to me. His doctor was trying him on a new medication for his migraines. Non-narcotic medication. The doctor was quite hopeful that this new medication would cure the man's headache pain and get him off the Percosets. Just one look at this guy and I knew I was in for an Oscar performance of a lifetime and he didn't disappoint. About midway through his infusion he complained of becoming violently nauseated and clutched his little barf pan pitifully, though of course he never actually blew any chunks. He moaned and thrashed about with great gnashing of teeth until the doctor ordered the new medication be ceased and he got an infusion of something else that promptly settled his ass down. His doctor came back later and said "Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be able to take you off the Percoset at this time" and it was all I could do to keep from rolling my eyes. The man says "Okay" all disappointed and spaced out sounding...but when Doc returned with his prescription I noticed Homeboy perked right up, grabbed his script and was checking out how much he had with how many refills. Its a hard job but somebody's gotta do it. Getting those pills out on the streets where they belong, I mean.

As for myself, I'm feeling pretty OK. I'm not Superwoman like I had hoped to be but I'm not drop-dead tired anymore either. I even walked today so hopefully I will be getting back to normal soon. Ever since Wednesday though...I have had the most vivid dreams. I've hung out with everyone from Johnny Depp to Tom Brokaw and had a damned good time of it. Tom Brokaw helped me with painting a mural on the wall of my apartment....except I don't have an apartment, but whatever! I went to a college reunion pool party....and everyone there was very familiar but I didn't know any of them. They knew me, though. Meg White from the White Stripes got very mad with me about something last night and totally kicked my ass. Then she unleashed a very potent locust plague on the entire city. After that there was a full-length documentary of all the very bad things Courtney Love has done. I'm telling you, my brain is in overdrive!

And last of all....And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead is coming here for a concert. Well I already knew I was going to go but guess what? Ticket prices are $10.00. That's T-E-N dollars. Which leads me to believe that they should change their name to And You Will Know Us By Our Incredibly Reasonable Concert Ticket Prices.