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Saturday, February 26, 2005
DVDs Galore


DVDs! DVDs! I got DVDs! I found a wonderful sale of used DVDs at my favorite haunt, Offbeat Music a few days ago. Here's what all I got.

"SPIRITED AWAY" Sparkle and I rented this movie a couple years back when she was younger and we both fell in love with it. This is an excellent movie and I highly recommend it even to adults that don't have children around. Its a great imagination stretcher. We curled up again tonight to watch it and loved it once more.
"BLOW" I added to my Johnny Depp collection! This is an excellent movie where Johnny Depp deals and does more cocaine than even Bill Gates could think about buying.

"FROM HELL" Do you see a trend here? I certainly do. Someone gave me this DVD for Christmas one year but it got stolen when the house was broken into awhile back. Now I have it again! I've already told you guys one of the things I like is trying to solve the Jack the Ripper murders (which cannot be done, but whatever). When I saw a movie was coming out about Jack the Ripper starring Johnny Depp, it was like all the planets aligned. My favorite person starring in a movie about one of my favorite hobbies. I began at that moment to realize there truly is a purpose to all in the cosmos.

"THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW" Alright dammit, this isn't funny, this is something that makes me very happy! You should feel HAPPY FOR ME. Instead of laughing you should be concerned about why someone would have unloaded all their Johnny Depp DVDs at Offbeat Music. Obviously someone out there is suicidal.....you should be praying for them instead! I love this movie....Christina Ricci and JD have great chemistry onscreen....if you ever get a chance to see the movie "The Man Who Cried" (in which JD played a somewhat minimal role) you will see once again the chemistry they have.

And so you won't think I have gone completely over the edge for Johnny Depp, I got this too:

"Get up, get get get down..
911 is a joke in your town...."

Now I can watch it and snicker even when I'm 99 years old.
I love this show! And I've never seen all the episodes so this should be a hoot.

And that's all I purchased for an unbelievably low price. I'm telling you, Offbeat is the place to be in this town. There have been other great stores in this town in the past....but they are all gone now. Offbeat now carries the "cool store" flag.