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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I'm taking a break from the Music Problem Saga tonight. I've got a stupid computer virus and its making me nuts. Poor Stew http://www.getstewed.blogspot.com/ is trying to help me out but I'm too stupid to even type my email address, apparently. I should have listened to him in the first place....he TOLD me to get rid of Norton's and I'm like, okay....when my subscription runs out. Now I am paying the price.

Norton's just sucks so bad. You'll just be computing and minding your own business when suddenly you know you've struck an iceberg. In my case, I was verifying some lyrics for my Dedications post and it was like the whole computer shuddered. Then a nice little red and white box pops up from our pals over at Norton's. It says "Norton's has detected a virus on your computer." Then it always says the name of it is "Trojan Horse". Then it informs you that Norton's is unable to remove this virus. And all they have there is a box to click that says "OK"....no box to quarrantine the virus, no other kind of information. So you click "OK" and take the virus right up the butt. You don't have any other option! You then go to your Toolbar and pull up your Norton's Antivirus and run it....hoping at least to get to where the virus is and quarrantine it...but no! When you do that...Norton's does not recognize that there is a virus on your computer! Even though they just told you that you have one! And you know you have one because your running slow and if you get anything up on the screen at all its a bunch of boobs of something.

*Sigh!* Maybe Edward Norton's antivirus would work better?

I had to spend a little time on the road today and I saw 2 wild turkeys and 2 llamas. The llamas were on a farm. Why would anyone want to keep a llama? Are they nutritious? I was just wondering.

One last thing for the day....this is very trivial but I really want to know! Why is it that when the British speak of being in the hospital they refer to it as "in hospital"? As in, "I went to see my mother whilst she was in hospital." Why do we Americans add the "the" part in? They do the same thing with college.....We Americans head over to the university but the English head over to university. Why, WHY, WHY?

Okay, I've got to go work on this virus. May you have a great, viral-free day, doing whatever it is that you do.