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Monday, January 24, 2005


Dammit, once again I've got a cold! This is like the second or third one since the end of summer. Its starting to worry me a little bit, its like I have no resistance. I take a vitamin. I could probably stand to get more vitamin C. I was just wondering if any of you do anything special to prevent colds? Something that works?

I really need to get some exercise too. We have a gym at work that's probably about the same size as J. Lo's closet. Pretty big, not big enough. I've actually had someone sling sweat on me in there and I am totally not into that. I'm really more into the fitness walking thing but I've learned from experience the walking in 10 degree weather can bring on a cold, for me at least. I got pneumonia last year from doing it. There's a place near the house that is a rehabilitation facility for people who have had spinal cord injuries and I've heard there's an indoor track there that you can get a membership to. Maybe that would be ideal for the winter months. I need to keep up with the exercise. This starting/stopping thing isn't doing me a bit of good.

I think I'm just feeling depressed. Maybe its the winter blues thing. Its too cold to go outside, I'm not feeling well and I keep sitting here thinking about every single thing I've ever done wrong and all the woulda, shoulda, coulda's and all my dead friends, etc. I have an extraordinary amount of dead friends to be my age. No, I didn't kill them either.

Can't sit around feeling sorry for myself though, I've got to get it together. Every minute spent brooding is just another minute of life wasted. I would be interested in hearing about how you guys keep yourselves in shape though, mentally and physically.