I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Friday, January 21, 2005
Ode to Dandaddy


Before you laugh, stop and think about whether you know what's going on with YOUR pipes at this very moment.

When the pipes burst, water was flying everywhere. It didn't take long to realize the entire section of the house could wash away if something wasn't done PRONTO. I dived under the house for the first time in my life ( I don't DO under the house) and was able to find the water shut-off valve. I turned off the water supply to the whole house. Whew! But it didn't take me long to realize, well whatcha gonna do now?

I called the one person in the whole wide world who knows about STUFF and loves Sparkle and me....my ex father-in-law! And what does he do? He drops everything he's doing and runs to our aid.

My father-in-law is the best man in the whole wide world. He is a rough and tough man who's done plenty of hard living but he's smart as a whip and nicer than Barney the Dinosaur. The man has treated me better than my own father ever treated me and I don't say that lightly. Once he was on the scene, I felt so much better about everything. He arrived with his box of tools and went to work. He got everything stabilized but told me a plumber would have to be called. But not to worry! He knew just the guy and would take care of everything. Then he invited Sparkle and I to come stay with him since we didn't have water. We took him up on it.

We get to my in-law's house and it was like we were the guests of honor. Mother-in-law served up piping hot homemade chicken soup and we were just in time for the Duke game. Sparkle and I both had refreshing showers and our own little bed with crisp fresh sheets and warm blankets. I was so waited on I felt like a kid again. As I lay in the bed trying to go to sleep, I thought about how much I love these people and how happy I was that we were able to maintain a good relationship even though their son and I are no longer married. And I made a vow that if they live long enough to not be able to care for themselves, I am going to be right there just like they were my own parents. And I mean that.

Here's Sparkle and her "Dandaddy".