I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Thursday, December 02, 2004
Yep, Its Green


I like green. Its not easy being green.

Frustrated with repeated failed attempts to compose cartoons in Microsoft Paint due to left-handedness and shakiness, Brenda Love composes a study of the inebriated St. Nicholas and his trusty drinking buddy. Medium: Sharpie pens and acrylic crayons.

From now on all original art gets drawn and photographed, no more MS Paint. I never realized that I have a little tremor until I started this blog.

Ace would like to inform the entire blogging community that his guitar is in fact an Yamaha and NOT an Ibanez.

Here's Ace and Hershey Bar. They're not speaking to each other.

Actually, they're not really speaking to us either....

Suddenly, SNAP!

You should hear these two sing together. Tis a lovely thing to hear. Maybe one of these days I'll be computer saavy enough to make some kind of sound file and actually post the thing on the blog. You'll probably hear them on the radio before I ever get that far, though.

Sparkle wanted something from Arby's this evening so we made the trek....there was a big sign in the restaurant informing everyone that the oven mitts they were selling were in fact defective....please return them to the restaurant of purchase. Well, the more we thought about it the more hysterical we got. Its a fucking OVEN MITT, how can an oven mitt be defective? Better yet, who is the idiot that got the oven mitt home and decided it was defective, stormed back to Arby's and demanded a nationwide recall? Is there court action pending on the oven mitt issue? I had Sparkle laughing so hard I thought she would bust a gut. But hell, since they're already recalling the mitts....go ahead and take yours back and get a refund. I'm keeping mine. http://www.costore.com/arbys/productthumbnails.asp - I might even ask Santa Claus for a sweatshirt and a blankie with the mitt on it!

The news was just a big bummer today. More troops going to Iraq...the whole thing just makes me feel helpless. Tom Brokaw retired....sad. The Bush administration is cutting funding for salmon habitats....can we just go ahead and pave the whole country and get it over with? Paris Hilton dyed her hair black.....whatever.
- looks like she got her lips enhanced with some Play-dough, too.

The best thing to happen is Laci Peterson's mom yelling at Scott Peterson during the penalty phase of his trial. You go, girl. If I had my way you'd be able to do a lot more than yell.

Well, that's it. I'm tired. I'm sleepy. I'm out of here.