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Monday, November 29, 2004
The Blog That Wouldn't Die


Well isn't this just the cutest thing ever? I could make stuff like this if I weren't forced to compose things in MS Paint with my right hand and me being left-handed. That's why everything I do looks so shaky. There's gotta be a better way. I'm sure someone out there knows what that way is. Do tell.

I went Christmas shopping for a little while and I picked up a few gifts. Where I got hung up on my shopping was the calendars. "OH boy, brand new calendars and I'm gonna NEEEEEED one!" Except there were two and I absolutely could not decide. So what did I do? I bought 'em both! One gets the honor of being the Ghetto Calendar and the other comes to work with me (at which point work will supply us with a calendar but those suck anyway). One of them was a space calendar which shouldn't surprise anyone:

But then there was this other one I just HAD to have:

The Eno River is about as "river" as it gets in these here parts. And its just right down the road. In fact, a tributary of it runs right behind the house. When I tell you I'm out hiking, the Eno is where I usually am at. Some kids at the School of Science and Mathematics here started a project to find what was left of the old Fish Dam Road, an Indian trail from the 1600's. Our local newspaper covered their progress and as it involves my beloved woods, I fell in love with this project. So when I saw the calendar, I just hadda have it!
Here's a link if you're interested in my neck of the woods, literally.
I really appreciate the Eno River Association for preserving as much as they can of the land around here. It's going fast and it makes me sick.

Here's something else just right down the road:
http://confederateone.home.mindspring.com/ - where General Joseph E. Johnston surrendered to General W.T. Sherman on April 26, 1865 during the Civil War. Doesn't it look boring? Well, its sooo NOT boring! Those people have done a super job of restoring the place and there's a nice Civil War museum there. I once saw a map of where the soldiers marched through on their way to the Bennett Place for the surrender and guess where the path took them? Right down good ol' Fish Dam Road.

Here's some Civil War Vets for you:

Just look at their faces. They lived through things you only see re-enacted once in awhile. And every single one of them looks like someone I wouldn't want to tangle with. I don't care how old they are, those old men could have still kicked some ass if necessary.