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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


One of my happiest days was a trip to the mountains with a group of friends long ago. We camped on property a friend of mine owned. There was a cabin shell there but no electricity, running water, etc....so we just pitched the tents in the front "yard" and the cabin was only used if bad weather hit. Which it didn't.

It was so pretty and we fished and swam in the river and all sorts of outdoorsy things. I was floating on my back and floated away from the group and I didn't even care. I was even thinking I might just float further down by myself just to see what was down-river. I floated and stared at the sun and the leaves and at the huge boulder I was headed towards. Everything was so great, things couldn't get any better.

Until I got to the boulder and looked up. Spiders. BIG black spiders, all over that rock. I bet there were 300 to 400 spiders, did I mention BIG ASS spiders, all over that rock. This is what they looked like:

I bet people with sharks after them don't swim as fast as I did away from that rock. It cured me of my explorative streak....either with people or alone.