I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Saturday, January 13, 2007


I thought I would post my class assignment from this week; to write about reading and what it means to me.

Reading is an activity that I have grown to depend upon, not only as a form of entertainment, but also as a necessary requirement of daily living. I begin my day by logging into CNN.com to find out all the world events, which are of the utmost importance to follow. At work, I often spend lunch time with a magazine or surfing for information on the internet. When it is time to go to bed at night is when I curl up with whatever is my main reading material at that time, be it a book or magazine. Reading is an activity I am pursuing all day long.

When asked what I read, I always hesitate with my answer. The truth is that I read everything. Whether it is truth or fiction, fantasy or biography, poetry or scientific results, I will read it if it crosses my path. My life has been one huge ocean of reading, and I leave books, newspapers, magazines, and internet articles in my wake.

I can never remember the authors or titles of anything I read, but I dive into the contents of what I am reading as if jumping into the aforementioned ocean, totally immersing myself. Yet when someone asks me if I've read the latest Stephen King book, I am usually unsure. All I can remember is the actual story. This kind of experience has often led to me delving into a book only to discover I have already read it. However, if the book was good enough the first time around, I will happily read it over again.

The only time I feel that reading is harmful to me is when I visit a Barnes and Noble bookstore. Like an alcoholic turned loose in a fully-stocked bar, I wander through the shelves looking at all the magic stuffed into every inch of the store. There are novels, biographies, and non-fiction of every subject on the planet, including the planets. I can have my arms filled within minutes. Eventually I begin to realize that I can't spend $300.00 on books, so I start the filtering process to whittle the selection down to what I most want. The filtering process is, to me, one of life's saddest challenges.

Without reading, my life would change drastically for the worse. Most of the activities of my daily life are already pre-determined. I must fulfill my responsibilities of a full-time job, child, and home. There is not a lot of time or money for entertainment or travel. Reading is my escapism, my education, and my link to a world I would otherwise know very little about. Reading is absolutely essential to my happiness as a person.