I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Judy assigned me the task of listing 15 positive things about myself (as opposed to the 50 negatives I attempted. The first three she created:

1. Brenda is a good mom
2. Brenda is a good writer
3. Brenda is creative and crafty....
4. Brenda is growing that horrendous perm out quite nicely!
5. Brenda is a great reader, thanks to the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course in 7th grade.
6. Brenda is a nice friend to have.....if you're a homeless kitty.
7. Brenda always brushes her teeth....and flosses regularly!
8. Brenda is a financial wizard who can perform miracles when paying the bills.
9. That's because Brenda knows how to bring home the bacon - and fry it up in a pan!
10. Brenda gives good customer service.....at work, you perverts!
11. Brenda has the best iPod load this side of the Mississippi.
12. Brenda knows how to spell Mississippi without looking it up.
13. Brenda is aging quite well compared to Nicole Kidman. No plastic surgery yet!
14. Brenda could be YOUR next president!
15. Brenda always, always knows when to quit.