I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Stew tagged me to do a "Six Weird Things About Me" meme. I know the reason he did this is because I am so slack at blogging lately. There were some other instructions, mostly something like, "do this meme" or something like that.


1. I always thought Desi Arnaz Sr. was kind of hot.

He was! He was kind of hot!

2. I have wonky eyes. Some say I have "weak eyes" and some people say I just look stoned all the time. I came by this trait honestly as my mother had the same exact wonky eyes too. I also can't see worth a damn and it keeps getting worse, so why keep my eyes wide open? The only time they look normal is if I'm deeply interested in something and then I am told they shine. What the hell does THAT mean?

3. One of my grandmothers loved smoking. When she was on her deathbed in the hospital, she cried to my Dad because she wanted a puff. He lit one up and held it for her. She pulled on it like a baby does a bottle, and her look of ecstasy was a sight to behold. I haven't been to her grave too many times, but when I do go, I always take a pack of cigarettes to leave there instead of flowers. I think she appreciates the cigs more than she would flowers. I'm sure the caretaker is like..."what in the honey-baked hell is this?"

4. I am the only person in my whole entire state who hates NASCAR. I once had a friend stop speaking to me because I called Jeff Gordon a "Uni-brow". She got over it eventually.

5. I sing most of the day, making up the lyrics as I go. The running dialogue can consist of tune from rap to opera. My songs most often involve whatever my cats or hamsters happen to be doing at tbe moment, but any subject is game.

My song driving home tonight was:

"I love traffic! The fumes make me feel FAN-TA-STIC!"

6. There was a time in my life where if someone screamed "MY THREE SONS!", we'd run to get in place. The two who scored the outside positions either tapped their feet or crossed their feet, depending on their placement. The lucky one who scored the middle got to do the hand action. And we all sang "da da da da..." See below: