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Friday, April 08, 2005


Here are my pictures from the Trail of Dead concert the other night.

You got your mojo working?

I got there late and missed the OPENING opening band. However, no one was buzzing about them or could even remember their name, so apparently I didn't miss too much. The next band was called the Octopus Project. They were a dance/rave music band and if you were to tell me that this band had played less than 20 shows before I wouldn't have been surprised. There was too much fiddling and noodling around with their instruments, like they weren't doing what they were supposed to be doing or something. The band members switched instruments just like Trail of Dead does, but they would do it right in the middle of a song, multiple times! One guy was rushing around the stage having such fits that I never could get a decent picture of him, even using the "motion" setting. There was just too much confusion, both in their music and on the stage. Once their set was over, no one was too sad to see them depart.

Here is the girl from the Octopus Project. Yes that is a 3 pronged electrical outlet covering her head. If you have any theories you would like to share, I would be happy to listen, for I don't have any theories of my own to share.

Finally it was time for Trail of Dead. I was able to get some decent pics due to the fact that the audience was very well-behaved, none of this Queens of the Stone Age killing each other business.

The band played well. My only complaint about the show was the sound. The sound guy should have turned the instrument mics down a notch or two and cranked the vocals up quite a lot. Sometimes I couldn't even hear them singing.

Here is Conrad singing his little heart out:

The bass player is very tall and all his stage moves reminds me of Krist Novoselic. In fact, if this guy had taken off his shoes and gone barefoot, you wouldn't have known it WASN'T Krist Novoselic.

I had to do a lot of touching up on the next photo. It had Red Eye so bad that he looked like a robot. It looked like he was looking straight at me until I got the red eye corrected....as you can see, he's staring off into Dreamland.........

Speaking of staring off into Dreamland, here is my most favorite Conrad picture I took. He looks like he is thinking about something very deep and meaningful, but actually he's probably thinking about how he forgot to send his license plate renewal form back to the DMV:

TOD encourages audience participation during their shows....not just cheering the band on but to participate in the actual making of the music. While he was drumming during one song, Conrad accidentally knocked a cymbal over. He grabs it and heads for the edge of the stage:

Next thing you know, some drumsticks are passed around and soon several members of the audience are keeping the beat right along with him!

My Inner Child was screaming " I WANNA PLAY TOO!" but I am glad I was able to capture the incident on film for the blog.

And so, that's that. Their new album is called Worlds Apart so go pick it up. Even you guys who say we don't have the same taste in music....I think you would enjoy this CD.

And last of all, here's a stab I took at "concept photography":

I'll catch you on your blog this weekend!