I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Wednesday, March 30, 2005


(ATTENTION!.....does anyone out there know how to say "BITE MY CHINESE ASS" in Spanish? There's a good reason why I need to know this....just don't ask me why. Its for an excellent cause, though.)

Here is a list of things I've got on my mind:

1. My neighbors - I don't know a whole lot about them personally but they seem to be nice ABLE-BODIED people. How come they have this nice surburban home with all the amenities but they don't ever go to work? And how can I get in on a situation like this?
2. My neighbor's dog - She's some kind of Alaskan-type dog. Every once in awhile she starts this howling that's hard to describe. Its almost other-worldly sounding. I didn't even realize it was a dog for awhile there....I thought some kind of wild animal had gotten loose. I thought dogs either barked or "AWOOOOOO!"
3. Spring break for the high school - all this week. The kids are being encouraged to go visit older brothers/sisters/friends who are in college and sit through a class or two with them. Isn't anyone else out there worried that this could have the opposite effect of what the school is hoping to accomplish? I think if I had had to sit through one of Prof. Noyes' lectures beforehand, I would have run for the hills. I wonder whatever happened to Prof. No Yes?
4. Abusive teacher? - A female teacher here in Durham got arrested for improper touching/whatever towards a 16 year old female student. Now there's a scenario you hardly ever hear about. Unlike Mary Kay Letourneau, I don't forsee a happy ending in this case. I'll never understand what these teachers, male or female, are thinking sometimes.
5. Alarming - I saw a certain man that I know rather well today....he is an older guy and nice as can be...and he's looking horrible. If he's sick, he either doesn't know or he's not talking. Have you ever been to a funeral home and seen an older person laying there in the coffin......you know how sometimes their hands and face have a waxy look to them....they don't quite look real? Well, that's what his hands and face look like. I've never seen anyone look like that while they were alive. I couldnt shake the horrible feeling that might be the last time I see/talk to him.
6. Asshole Extraordinaire - I had someone on an internet message board call me a "hick" because I am from NC and it totally pissed me off. I realize I'm a bit too sensitive about it....but I have been discriminated against about it so many times that it makes me crazy (which I am sure was this asshole's intention). People just assume Southern Accent = devoid of intelligence.

7. Total Asshole Extraordinaire - this same asshole (yes, we had it out big time) informed me that my blog makes me appear to be a "rocker chick" who is "desperately hanging on"....what I am desperately hanging on to wasn't specified. I love music....I'm totally unashamed....and I'm not making any apologies. We have rock musicians still performing who are in their 60's and heading for 70's, so I don't feel any need to pin my hair up and get busy with the knitting needles. Memo to Asshole: When I'm blind, deaf, incontinent, senile and confined to my bed....then you can rejoice because I'll finally be exactly what you want me to be.....BUT WAIT! You'll be a hell of a lot older too, then, won't you? Bald maybe? Impotent? Heh heh. Go munch on a big shotgun shell.
8. Indonesia - Memo to God....time to give these folks a tiny break, please?

That's all for now you guys!