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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I noticed Sparkle's old prom pictures were getting a lot of hits, so I decided to check it out and find her pictures on Google. Well, by God, I started having so much fun that the original quest was all but forgotten. So I saved some pictures and made up some rules so that YOUR prom experience will be the best ever!

Rule One - Don't be trashy!

And while we're on the subject, don't be a HO either!

In the same vein....remember, fellows, you're there to have fun, NOT to PIMP!

Girls, I know you want to show off all your bling on the special night, but try not to over-accessorize:

Remember, girls, if you are elected Prom Queen, at least TRY to be gracious to your King:

Even if you AREN'T elected King and Queen....be gracious!!! Roll out the Yellow Bath Towel of Specialness for the actual winners!

Find out ahead of time what your Prom "Theme" is.....and try to talk the Student Council out of it if necessary:

Try not to go too far astray from the theme though.....

If you live below the Mason-Dixon line....try to resist the temptation, ladies. For God's sake, please resist.

DON'T make fun of your parents when they try to give you tips for prom attire:

Your parents just aren't ready for the latest new-fangled prom trends, respect this!

But you don't want to look like an old-fashioned birthday cake either!

Girls, if you find yourself in a heap o' trouble....you really might want to think about skipping the prom....

Also girls, BE ASSERTIVE! Let your date know he better show up on time, or else!!!

On the other hand, Guys, you have the right to insist that your date be clean, sober, and off of the Quaaludes.....

The Prom is your special night! Even if you are the biggest GEEK that ever lived, get your geeky girlfriend and go have a GREAT TIME!!!!!

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