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Friday, February 09, 2007


Planet Brenda: the only site on the internets that is not going to hash over the Anna Nicole Smith case. All I'm going to say is R.I.P. and ummm....that they may want to keep checking out that lawyer of hers.

My daughter plays an online game called World of War. I've listened in on them playing before....basically all that goes on is journeys through strange lands and a whole lot of teenage cussing. But tonight was devastating. I heard my daughter screaming and I went to check on her. "What's wrong?"
Apparently this is not unlike Dick Cheney throwing down the controls and stalking out of the White House.
What it boils down to is that "Terminator", a popular 15 year old, got really mad at "Le Douche", presumably because he was living up to HIS name, and resigned his Guild membership. The entire Guild is in mourning. I had no idea that all this drama went on behind the scenes of these online games. But, you know, Terminator was the only one in possession of an over-level 60 tank and he wasn't using this tank to its fullest potential to protect other Guild members. THIS STUFF IS IMPORTANT!

As stated earlier this week, I am going to swich to Blogger beta. I am not happy. I've never made any secret of the fact that my computer skillz hover somewhere around the "barely competent" range. If my blog disappears, you will know what happened. You and I both know.....IT COULD HAPPEN!

ADDENDUM: When I got up this morning, Sparkle informed me that late last night, Terminator came back to rejoin the Guild. YAY Terminator! Now use those over-level 60 tanks to your advantage, kill some enemies and may The Guild be your guiding force.