I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Monday, November 27, 2006


My house is positively permeated with teenage angst. Sparkle doesn't have the easiest life. School has been pretty tough this year for her. Her Physics class is a real killer. There's all the usual teenage stressors, fitting in, popularity, who knows what else. It usually doesn't take many of us too long after high school to realize those kinds of problems are so petty, and we tend to forget just how important they still are to kids everywhere. And then there is a certain Emo Boy she was interested in that dropped the "not interested" bombshell after hanging and acting like he was interested for months on end. I told her not to despair, and that she must look at the whole thing logically. I mean, go to Google and look up "EMO BOY" and see what you get. Wait, on second thought, don't go, I'll go do it for you.

Hmmmm, not very much room for a girl in this equation.

I mean, I don't know FOR SURE if that is what's up with this particular Emo Boy, but I have some extremely strong GUT INSTINCTS. And you know, good for him.....but don't be stringing a girl along.

And so a heart is truly broken for the first time. As a mother, I'm ready to go hunt me down some Emo Boy ass and knock his hair flow in the other direction. But also as a mother, I realize I have to step back and let things happen as they must. She'll never grow as a person if she doesn't ever experience pain......la dee da la la. We'll all move on and eventually Emo Boys will just be a short blip on "I Love the 2000's"