I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Saturday, October 07, 2006



The first part of the week I had PMS, the second part of the week was the real deal. That's bad enough in itself. Then the second part was homework, homework galore! Hours and hours and hours of homework. I got the famous essay ready for Professorial consumption and turned it in on Wednesday, so I'll let you know how it goes. I turned it in just in time to get directions for the NEXT writing assignment, so no time to rest and/or gloat.

Then Sparkle decides she isn't going to school anymore because she is having a hard time with physics. After much hootin' and hollerin', I finally get her in school and working with the guidance counselor. I think all of that is going to work out okay but it was stressing me out while it was going on. Thank heavens for the guidance counselors!!!

Then my boss got all bitchy. Then I had some problems dealing with my ex-husband. More homework. Then some housework, can't forget the housework, I'd rather just ignore it. Then new neighbors moved across the street....I knew I should go over and welcome them to the neighborhood but I decided screw 'em for now.

On Friday morning while driving to work, I hit a bunny. A BUNNY. I had to totally re-do my mascara and take out my contacts and re-solutionize them from all the crying. I couldn't hit a possum. I had to hit a freaking BUNNY.

But then on Friday I received everything I need to work from home! YAY! But I can only work from home one day a week for now. WTH? My boss is having some serious "cutting the cord" problems. Nothing like having the employees working from home to take the focus completely off the boss, I guess.

On Tuesday I got suspicious when my Avon order hadn't arrived, so I logged into my account to check it out and GUESS WHAT? I ordered the wrong campaign, so its not coming till 2 more weeks. Couldn't get it worked out with customer service, so I just said screw that too. I emailed my customers, told them what a waste of Avon Lady I am, and begged humble forgiveness. They all took pity on me and were nice to me and not one of them cancelled an order. I was still totally stressed about it though.

Then on Friday I stopped at the CVS to stock up on chocolate and tampons. When I got out to the car, I dropped my cell phone and it went ALL THE WAY under the car, to the middle of under the car, right where you can't reach it without hitting the ground. And I hit the ground all right. I was cussing, really wicked, mean, disgusting words, really loud. I didn't care what anyone thought. And you know what, I still don't care.

The strange news is, my blog stats hit all time highs last week. It seems like the less I post, the more hits I get. I get the message!