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Monday, October 23, 2006


On Friday I posted a link in the comments section of THE WEST VIRGINIA SURF REPORT to a video where a newscaster person was going off about President Bush getting the Writ of Habeas Corpus suspended. Say what?, you may ask....here's the link: (Love ya, Miss Joy Division!)

My main reason for posting the link was that I couldn't understand why Bush had suspended the Writ. In fact, I never really said a word about Bush, but that didn't stop a couple of Bush-Lovers from popping their butt corks. So I had to go on a big Defending Myself spree - fun, fun.
STEW would have laughed. Or maybe he would have been proud, who knows?

My main detractor was arguing that it only applies to aliens. Yeah it says that but it also says anyone who is deemed “illegal enemy combatents". Woah, that could BE ANYBODY! And the Constitution prohibits the suspension of habeas corpus except in cases of "rebellion and invasion".......neither state seems to apply to our country at the moment, so WTF?

Look, if you love Bush, that's your perogative, but come on....you gotta admit something really stinks about this whole thing. Its not a matter of Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conserative, or even Stew and Tree Hugger. This is a matter of one of your rights being banished. You are less free right now than you were before.

And lets just imagine that Bush is being on the up and up....what good does suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus do? What do you think is going to happen to OUR soldiers when they are captured? Not that they would have gotten a trial anyways, but they DEFINITELY won't get it now.

But its our duty as a country to do the right thing no matter what we are up against. Or at least it used to be our duty.

Just sayin'.