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Friday, October 20, 2006


Isn't it funny how you can see something everyday, day in and day out, and yet you don't REALLY SEE?

There is this homeless guy that sits in his wheelchair at the off-ramp on the highway and panhandles. I will give him money sometimes IF I am in the lane next to him....I mean, the guy is in a wheelchair, I'm not going to summon him to come over to me....I'm scared he will get killed.

But anyway, there his sits and he has this artificial leg. It has a shoe on it but the leg of it is just an iron bar that sticks out from his jeans. He holds his little sign that says something like "Homeless, hungry, God bless" and I really feel for the guy.

So today I'm sitting on the off-ramp and there he is. I'm in the other lane, so I'm not going to give him any money today but I am just kind of looking at him and not really thinking, when suddenly it hits me......
If he's wheelchair bound, why does he need an artificial leg?

Somebody please chastise me and tell me how wrong I am for thinking that, you know, this guy can probably walk. But...can you see where I'm coming from?
Please tell me how mean and trite I am being so I can correct this flaw.

*Also, Stew, I don't feel like I should run over him.....he's not cute and fuzzy.