I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Friday, September 29, 2006


Thanks you guys for the encouragment on my essay. I believe I will post my rough draft on here this weekend, just to see what you guys think about it. I can get your valuable opinions and this would be an excellent time for you guys to see me not in "Brenda" mode. The essay isn't due in its completed form until Wednesday so there would be plenty of time for critique.

When I was in junior high school, I was in Advanced Placement English classes. I absolutely hated it. The teacher would give us 25 to 30 words each week, and we had to look 'em up, define 'em, and use 'em in a proper descriptive sentence. You couldn't have the word "aerie" and write "Oh look Roscoe! There is an aerie. How large it is!" It had better be something like "I spotted the bald eagle soaring above the lake through my binoculars, and tracked his progress until he alighted at his cliff-top aerie , where I could see tiny eaglets peeking over the side."

When you do that over and over and over for many years, and then have to take a test on them, you tend to learn at least a few words. One of the problems with my paper, according to Sparkle, is that there are too many "big words" and it makes people feel dumb. I'm like WHAT? To get specific, one of the words in the paper is "vilify". Everyone points at it and is like "huh?" I am a person who is totally comfortable using the word vilify in either a paper or a spoken sentence. Maybe this is why I am considered a geek? I'm keeping the word "Vilify" in my paper, you guys. GO GET A DICTIONARY.

But please, when I post my paper and you do a critique, please let me know if I am sounding too pretentious. Or (excuse me) too uppity. Uppity people in these here parts get ostracized - whoops, sorry - told to shut the hell up and go on home!

Open note to my "adopted children" - when you visit, please please don't screw the cap back onto the Pepsi bottle as if you are sealing the elixir for preservation for the next 10 generations. Your adoptive mother is strong, but yea, she ages even now as we now speak, and her elbow joints are not functioning as well anymore. I might get the top off, but I will pay and pay for it for at least two weeks. The proper way is to screw the top until you can feel that no air would be escaping, thus preserving the carbonation, which is the main goal. Me and my elbow joints thank you most kindly.

OKAY, Happy Friday and look for my paper to get posted this weekend. Thanks for all your help, I love you guys.