I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Saturday, September 23, 2006


Tell me if I'm being too sensitive here......

The Ex-Husband and I were discussing the considerable merits and achivements that our child has brought upon herself since her arrival in high school and gloating over how she is All That (and a bag of chips). And while discussing this, he stressed two points:
1. Our daughter has HIS common sense, but MY book sense.
2. Our daughter has HIS looks, but MY brains.

The implication being......I have no common sense or looks? Okay, I'll admit, I'm just a run-of-the-mill everyday gal in the looks department, J-Lo has nothing to fear from me. But I've never had any problems with scoring, I mean, my romantic problems now are pretty much self-imposed, I've set the bar pretty high for my next relationship....and willing to accept that I might be at my strongest emotionally if I'm not in a commitment. BUT DAMMIT, I COULD GET SOME IF I NEEDED IT BAD ENOUGH. And you know what, if I was to set my mind to it, I bet I could get it off of him!!!

No common sense? Am I not the one who manages to pull off this whole "Raising of the Child" business while balancing work, household and school? Do I not MAKE my meager finances stretch far enough and still buy some groceries? I have not been perfect by any means, but I think I score in the low 90's percentile! Am I not the one thinking ahead to avoid the pitfalls in the path? AM I NOT THE ONE WHO KNEW THAT MONKEYS HAD NOT BEEN PILOTING ACTUAL JETS SOLO?

The more I turn it over in my mind, I think that was always the main problem between us. He smiles and can make good conversation, but he always manages to work in an implied jab or two to try to undermine confidence, and he does it all the time in a million little ways. And I used to take that shit to heart back in the married days.

I'll always love him and have time for him because he is the father of my child, but he's going to have to find someone else to make him feel like he's "Da Bomb" in life. Gee, and so far I notice there's no takers.

You don't know what you're missing, ladies! YEAH RIGHT!