I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Sunday, September 17, 2006


The new rules for my blog are this....there are no rules. Just like the Pope has managed to piss off the most dangerous religious group in the world (hope that Popemobile is in good working order), anything might be said on this blog with no regard for consequences. What does it matter anymore? Because after the Pope has opened his big mouth, World War III is going to break out and we're all going to die anyway.

Here's how it will happen.....first the Muslims will take care of the Pope....then they will somehow find a way to blame America for it all....and then Catholic churches everywhere will be under attack. The radical Baptists, always up for a good jab at the Catholics, will encourage all of this. Our current government will back the Baptists and the Baptists will form an alliance with the Muslims....but that is never going to work and the Muslims will take the Baptists out, too. About that time, Mel Gibson is going to fall off the wagon and go off on the Jews again, at which point the Jews are going to take Hollywood and most of Southern California off the map. Our current government is going to back Mel Gibson....which will enrage the Israelis. Once the Israelis get mad, the entire Middle East is going to explode against the Israelis. North Korea at this time will figure....hey! Now's a good time to try out those nuclear weapons we've been testing! And we'll test them out on.....Africa! because the Jews already took Hollywood and Angelina Jolie off the map so she won't be there and nobody seems to care what happens to poverty-stricken Africa except.....BONO! North Korea quickly changes their plans to instead annihilate Ireland so they can take care of Bono. Our current government will back this action because they hate Bono, too. But North Korea miscalculates their Russian-acquired uranium strength and they take out the entire hemisphere, leaving only North America and Latin America. The Canadians will then decide they've had enough of our Canadian jokes and declare war. They'll take out the Northern U.S...while Mexico takes care of the Southern half. This will leave Fidel Castro as the sole ruler of what's left of the world.