I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Monday, September 25, 2006


Good morning Bloggers and surfers!

Sparkle is interested in a new guy who happens to be interested in classical music. He is also a prime speciman of Emo boy, which I have discussed in the past. I noticed that Sparkle was downloading classical music and asking me what pieces I had on CD. "AHA!" I thought. "Now is the perfect time to step in and educate! Perhaps if I take her to a concert while it is considered 'cool', it will foster a love of music that is not always electrically twanging!" So I ordered tickets for myself, her and the aforementioned Emo boy so we could all....you know....bond. I mean, if she's going to like him, I should get to know him, doncha think? And if we do something he is interested in, maybe he will view my daughter in a favorable light. We all win.

(And before you ask regarding last's week's entry, no marijuana was consumed before attending the symphony. But I did know someone else that used to do that!)

So off to the symphony we go. And we thoroughly enjoyed it. All the uppercrust people there were totally fascinated with the Emo boy, with his emo hair and bracelet made of bullets, lots of staring went on, but surely he's used to it.

Sparkle did great. She was very attentive and seemed to enjoy it. She only lost it once, when everyone was clapping for the conductor making his entrance (for the 4th time). She leans over to me and hisses "Are we going to have to clap every time his ass decides he's coming back on stage?" Good times.

So afterwards, I took the kids out to eat. Then things got a little strange. Emo boy, grinning at me impishly from under his firewall of emo-boy hair, chose topics of conversation concerning a movie about "really nasty transvestites" that he saw recently (Pink Flamingos?), a girl he knows that is into bondage, the occult and how late the local erotic movie place is open in our town. What the hell? Sparkle had a permanent smile glued to her face so there were no clues there. Was this kid putting me on or what? I uttered a lot of "oh really?"'s and "hmmmmm"'s the whole time. Yeah, I was pretty confused and somewhat annoyed. I mean, none of MY former love interests ever talked to my mother about such things....not that I know of, anyway. However, my mother was the kind that she would have gladly discussed any subject with him whether she knew what she was talking about or not. Why do I have so many problems with gaging social situations? Why don't I know whether he was being a smart-ass.....or if he really is just that damn strange? Why am I not real crazy about my daughter spending more time with this guy?

What the hell is wrong with you kids nowadays???