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Monday, August 21, 2006


I am going to totally steal my gal LIZ's idea and make a blog entry in honor of the "SNAKES ON A PLANE" movie....Snake Stories!!!

Story #1 - When I was a little kid, my cousin and I were in a old shed rummaging around when I spotted a snake peeking out, almost at my foot! I jumped so hard...my leg went up into the air and I almost did a complete backflip and some serious brain damage (a.k.a. drain brammage). I think I scared the snake more than he scared us.

Story #2 - Me and one of my childhood friends were walking in the woods behind my house when I spotted a snake peeking out of the brush (they're always peeking!). My friend totally lost her shit, in a total out of her head screaming panic. I had to plot an escape route for her through the woods. This was my first experience in saving someone...a scenario I was to repeat over and over, ad nauseum, in my life.

Story #3 - My cousin and I (same cousin) were playing at her house. Her dad went into the loft of an old storage barn to get something while we played under the tin awning. Unaware that we were down there, Uncle Punk (yep) saw a chicken snake, grabbed a shovel and threw the snake out, where it slid down the awning and landed on my foot. In other words, a snake fell from the sky and landed on my foot....then poised into strike position!!!! You have never seen a child haul ass like I did. I think that occurrence actually did a little psychological damage to me...I've never been able to FULLY relax either physically or emotionally since then.

Story #4 - Many years later, my daughter comes home with a ball python. I totally lost it and I couldn't even tell my blogging audience about it until weeks after the fact. I HATED that snake. But slowly....ever so slowly, I started to like him. He's cute when he yawns and I like it when he peeks out of his rock at me. "Mouse? Are you bringing me a mouse? Where my mouse at?" However I have no desire to touch his snakie ass.

Our actual Snakie, when he was just a little baby....

And I promise not to take him on a plane.