I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Thursday, July 20, 2006


Here are some meme-type things I found that I wanted to do. I got this one from JOY DIVISION'S gossip blog.

You Are 60% Lady
You're part lady, part modern woman.Etiquette is important to you, but you brush aside rules that are outdated or silly.
Are You A Lady?

Here's a meme based on one Sparkle recommended. Who knows where she got it?


1. I color my hair.

2. I hate commercials with geckos and other computer-generated cutsie animals.

3. I do, however, love animals.

4. I basically hate TV and I basically haven't watched it since I was like 16 years old except for a few selected shows.

5. I never watched one episode of "The Dukes of Hazzard"....never once.

6. I think Angelina Jolie is hotter than Jennifer Aniston. I think Christina is way hotter than Britney. But I never understood why Biggie liked Lil' Kim more than Faith Evans. These things are important.

7. I have great teeth but I have had extensive dental work as far as fillings go. I could probably pick up Mexican radio if I could just rig up a few wires....

8. The good thing is if I die they will be able to identify me easily from dental records. I can hear the pathologist now....."GOOD GOD!" I definitely qualify as a "metal head".....in more ways than one!

9. I am deathly afraid of heights. I have a problem with attics, fer heaven's sake.

10. Bones I have broken: Right arm. Left ankle. One of my toes. I'm pretty sure my nose was broken when I was kid but I never had that one confirmed.

11. My worst break was my ankle. I broke my entire foot off from my leg bone. My foot was hanging by skin. It happened at a Pearl Jam concert. I still have a metal rod and screws in the bones.

12. My daughter and I consider ourselves to be closeted Goths. We are totally fascinated with them but we can't shop as much as they do.

13. I am a championship speller. Any mistakes you ever see on my blog are typos, deliberate and/or lack of proof-reading. Although now that I am getting older I find myself having to look up words more often.

14. I am an Avon Lady.

15. Once when my mother's radiator burst, I patched it by chewing up a big wad of Bubble Yum and pasting it over the hole. It held for two years. I highly recommend Bubble Yum to repair things.

16. I won a Halloween costume contest once when my sister made me up to look like Stevie Nicks. I also won years later when a friend and I went as a washing machine and dryer.

17. Once I let my aunt cut my hair and it turned out to look something like Rod Stewart. It was very gay and I cried a lot. I also had the Leather Tuscadero look at one time. I also had the Prince asymmetric cut. I hope my bad hair days are over forever.

18. I have never been in love. I thought I was in love but it didn't last....so it couldn't have really been love, right?

19. I used to review Cat's Cradle shows for a 'zine called Indie File.

20. I still have hope that Pete Doherty can be rehabilitated.