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Monday, June 05, 2006


After taking a week off (sort of), I have returned to the internets. Actually I did some sneak reading and commenting on blogs during the week. So now I am back!!!

And.....I still don't have anything to write about.

Its like the brain has shut down. I'm more interested in getting outside and walking, trying to get stuff done and sipping coffee while watching "America's Next Top Model" reruns on VH1.

I decided my first topic could be, of all people, Jennifer Aniston. She finally had a decent movie opening this weekend, breaking her "box office poison" record. But the Hollywood gossip columns sure are giving her a hard time. They are all saying that she is trying to milk her break-up with Brad Pitt for attention and sympathy.

Most people in real life that I know curl their lips back and sneer when you bring the whole subject up. "Angelina Jolie - a homewrecker is all she is." And they totally sympathize with Jennifer.

After deep thinking (while watching "America's Next Top Model" reruns), I have decided that I do feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston. I mean, she was married to one of the hottest men in Hollywood. And he dumps her. I think I would be just a little depressed. And then he gets with a woman that.....let's face it.....is much more beautiful. That's a double whammy. Then there's the new baby and la la la la la la.....can't wait to watch all this drama play out.

But I think Jennifer Aniston got a good deal, she just doesn't realize it yet. Brad Pitt seems like he would be a.....um.....dickhead, to put it bluntly. Lot's o' ego.

So what do you think of the whole scandal? Come on, even if you could care less, you still have an opinion.