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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
HAPPY 666!


As some of you may remember, a couple of years ago my car had a sticker that Sparkle had put on the back window of a symbol that represents the rock band H.I.M. The symbol looks like this:

And you may remember that the rumor got started at work that I was a devil worshipper. To say I was a little miffed would be correct and I got so mad that the sticker stayed on the car till the car finally died. But since then, in total defiance, I have learned to embrace my inner demons and have even grown quite fond of the horny devils.

So today is 6-6-06, a day for celebration. I plan to crank up the Slayer on the iPod all day long. Maybe I should bring my vinyl copy of Dio's Holy Diver to decorate my cubicle? Or perhaps go very heavy on the black makeup today?

What I actually thought about doing was sacrificing a goat on the plaza at Conglomo. Goats have something to do with evil....what I don't know but I think goats are pretty cute actually. I can't think of anyone I know that has goats though. The best I am going to be able to do is offer up a sacrificial possum. Maybe I can gather some pine straw and start a fire also.

I gotta make this good. Its 6-6-06....a day like this will not come around for another millenium.....and by then, you and I both will be dust in the wind. Shoot, even our dust will have evaporated. It is possible that no one on the face of the earth right now will even be remembered. Damn. So we have to live it up! Celebrate your 6-6-06 in some special way, even if its just a few beers.