I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Today has been the busiest day I've had in awhile!

In the wee hours of the morning we had a thunderstorm with lot's o' lightning. The power blinked and knocked my alarm clock out. When I awaken I realize the light coming through my window is lightier than usual. So with a start and a major feeling of dread....I look over at the clock. SHIT! Instead of hitting the snooze forty times, I had to settle for only twenty! Ruined my whole morning.

So I went to work and I worked, worked, worked. At lunchtime I had lunch with my friend Stacy at El Rodeo, a nice Mexican restaurant that is about as authentic Mexican cuisine as you're going to get in these here parts. And it was really authentic today because there was a whole passel of Mexicans in there watching a soccer game on the Latin channel and screaming their heads off.

Then - back to work and I worked a whole bunch some more. On my break I gave out some Avon books. After that, I sneakily paid a couple of bills and got them sent off in the mail. Then I worked an hour of overtime.

Afterwards, I dashed across town for my first Avon meeting. For you people asking about the press-on nail color strips, they gave me a free sample tonight, so I'm gonna try 'em out. The concept is wonderful but....it seems like something that I could mess up very easily, being me and all.

Then I had to screech back to another side of town and pick up Sparkle, who informed me that Snakie needed a mouse. So then it was off to the pet store to snag Snakie some grub. There was no time for feeling guilty, people. I managed to get to the drugstore just before they closed, like 8 minutes away, and pick up some stuff I needed. The guy who had been trying to get a jump start on counting his register wasn't real pleased with me.

So then we rushed home and got Sparkle ready to go spend the night at Meghan's house. And finally, I am home. I'm tired just reading this entry. I'm going to bed....however I must inform you that only one mouse lost his life in the making of this blog entry. EWWWWWW!