I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm back you guys! We had a great time. However, thanks to Sparkle....I don't have any actual pictures of the beach! I'll explain a little later. But for now....I am dedicating my beach trip images to MARKUS AT SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK

OMG! A gift shop we just can't refuse!

Here's the front of the gift shop.

Sparkle swam at her own risk and was immediately made lunch:

Her final view of the world:

We entered a shark wonderland....I could have spent a lot of money on you, Markus!
Random sharks were everywhere:

The best beach towel ever?

Or maybe this one is the best!

This was a very cute shirt:

But THIS shirt was da bomb! Glow in The Dark Action, Too!

And a hat to complete the ensemble:

Meanwhile, Sparkle had totally gone nuts:

"My Daughter Was A Teenage Shark"

Surf at your own risk:

So we left the gift shop and headed to the zoo. Check it out!!!
"So whatcha doin'?"

"Nothing, dude. Just hanging around...waiting to eat someone."

"Noooo.....tell me you're kidding!"

Stating the obvious, but they don't say WHAT KIND:

Awww....my favorite!

Sparkle befriends a cute little bunny (so she can devour it with her shark teeth later):

Sharks were everywhere, even on the walls:


Everyone was upset over the sharks:

Except for this guy....he's as mean as a shark!

So here's what ended up happening. See those llamas in the background of the last picture? Well, as soon as I snapped the pic of the mean-ass ostrich, the llamas decided it was time to have sex. Sparkle had a fit and had to use the filming part of the digital camera to record Llama Porn. This used up all the camera's memory and I had no space left for actual pictures of the beach. But we have Llama Porn!