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Friday, June 23, 2006
THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By the time all youse guys read this, Sparkle and I shall be on our way to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been in so long it seems like, I can't wait to get away and hear some waves crashing. However I have been reading MARKUS' BLOG for waaaaaay too long now and I'm really scared to swim in the ocean now, for really real. My big dream would be to capture some shark on film just for him and who knows? It could happen! Otherwise, I'm chillin' by the pool!

I promise some (hopefully) good photographs of interesting things as I can never truly rest when I'm at the beach. There's too much NATURE out there!

And speaking of nature, some of you might be interested to know what happened during my daily exercise session on Tuesday. I was walking and my leg was annoying me. Finally it came into my conscious mind that HEY! My leg is really annoying me! So I look down in time to see blood gushing from my calf. Holy crap! Luckily I had my water bottle with me so I got myself cleaned up and you could tell some insect had bitten me and scored plenty of blood. Well. The spot continued to grow and grow and it got very red, hot feeling and infected looking. Outside of the big red section is totally bruised. It got to where just standing on my leg was causing a stinging pain. I ended up going to the doctor today and had to be put on an antibiotic. The doctor said it was either a spider or I had a bad reaction to a horsefly. If it was a spider, thank GOD I didn't see it or I would have died from a heart attack! The good news is that I should live through this. [applause]

Okay I won't be back until Monday afternoon which means you won't have a blog entry till Tuesday! I'll try to find some good stuff to take pictures of!