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Monday, May 22, 2006


The tax check arrived. Let the beach plans begin!

When I was a child and teenager, my skin was as healthy as fresh peaches. I did have a minor zit-tastrophe when I was about 12 and I would always have a minor break-out here and there....but basically I have always enjoyed good skin.

Until I hit about 35 or 36, that is. What happened? I don't know. Just all of a sudden I didn't have zits, I had ACNE. And the whole situation was spiraling out of control. First I had one little acne thingie. Then I realized I had two acne thingies. Before I knew it, I had a problem and I freaking out!! For God's sake, I'm an adult, I was supposed to way beyond these things happening. So I ran crying and screaming to good ol' Dr. Carr...and he prescribed....

RETIN A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You put a small amount all over your face every night. And at first it seemed like it made everything worse but Dr. C. said it was because it was pulling impurities from my skin. My skin also was very dry. But I hung in there and within about 3 weeks a miraculous change began to occur. Soft clear skin was mine again! And I've been on it ever since. I tried once to stop using it but it wasn't long until I went screaming and crying back to Dr. C. Everyone always comments on my skin and I am forever grateful to whoever invented this product.