I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I really needed some good pictures with this post - but who has time? I'm lucky to get any writing done these days.

Today I had to take Sparkle to the dentist. Most people hate going to the dentist and I hate it too.....but only in the winter. You see, MY dentist office has an extra added attraction.

Right across the parking lot is a huge house that looks like it was built around the turn of the century. And whoever lives there has spent literally years growing the perfect butterfly garden. It is gorgeous. Parts of it are very sunny with a hundred million brilliant flowers and behind the house it is very shady with lots of greenery. I can hear some water gurgling like maybe there is a small shallow pool back there. And the butterflies! I won't say there are hundreds....but there's an awful lot of butterflies out there. They're all over the flowers, they are flying around playing with each other, they're busy doing all the things that butterflies do.

And I just stand there on the edge of the parking lot and stare like an idiot. I've never seen the owner of the house in all these years of going to that dentist and of course I would never dare to venture onto private property. I feel like I am standing on pavement at the edge of paradise. The butterflies will fly around my head....its like they are saying "come on in and let's have some fun!" and I want nothing more than to kick my shoes off and run to discover the wonders of that thick, overgrown, beautiful backyard.