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Friday, April 21, 2006


Do you know this woman?

If you don't, you should!!! She's only one of the blogosphere's most famous people. She's THE Webmiztris! Do yourself a favor and start reading her blog....you can find it right HERE. You will find her to be one of the zaniest gals you ever came across.

So why have I decided to call Dawn out today? Because yesterday she was blogging about celebrities that are considered hot that she finds just plain nasty. And you wouldn't believe who she listed first!!!! Here are her exact words:

"Ick! He's so hairy and his face isn't even attractive! The 70s porn look is OVER!"

Who is she talking about? Only the most important man of the 21st century!

Gah! Come on, Dawn! Look at that face! The big hair! The flushed, hairy chest. Check out that happy trail....and he's preparing to show you even more of it! Not only that, but he played sports back when he was a budding young wife-beater-in-training! What's not to love here?

Go to her blog today and show some love for the 'Hoff.