I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I had the unique pleasure of being in Chapel Hill on Saturday....on Franklin Street.....when UNC *ahem* lost to Boston College. I wasn't there because of the game but because Sparkle and I had some CD buying to do. But anyway....UNC lost the game....and Franklin Street was quite subdued as the students left the bars. However, just because they lost the game doesn't mean that serious beer drinking hadn't occurred. Here is an actual conversation Sparkle and I heard on the way to the car:

BOY 1: I reeeeallly wanna run backwards.
BOY 2: Don't do it, dude. Remember what happened last time you ran backwards.
BOY 1: [dejectedly] Yeah. Dude man, there really ought to be a way you could....you know....run backwards....you know....
BOY 2: Safely?
BOY 1: YEAH! I don't understand why we're not capable of backwards seeing....

At this point we were at the car, where I promptly informed Sparkle that I was driving. Now whether this was the effects of alcohol or if this just illustrates the average mentality of a UNC student is debatable. Regardless, the thought of sharing the road with these guys made me nervous.

I still was very curious about what happened the last time he ran backwards though. It could make a great short story.