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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I want to thank everyone who left a comment. My interview went FABULOUSLY. Seriously, I feel confident that I have an actual chance in hell of getting the job! But get this....I had to do 5 interviews. That's F-I-V-E. For one freaking job...isn't that ridiculous? First was with Human Resources....just a preliminary interview to make sure I wasn't a serial killer or something. Then I had to interview with Great Big Daddy, Big Momma, Little Momma, and last of all a peer. Holy crap, is this for a job at Conglomo or the F.B.I.? And its the kind of interviewing where they give an example of a work situation and you have to tell them a story about when you faced such a situation in your work and how you dealt with it. Fortunately for me, I'm a first class storyteller....and boy I really spun a few yarns during those interviews today. Trust me, you need serious SKILLZ to get someone on the edge of their seat when the story is about Conglomo work.

So I came away feeling pretty good about everything....if I don't get the job at least I should get an "A" for creativity. But oh man....was I ever TIRED! I was going to work overtime, but by the time I got back to my cubicle it was like....dude, I'm outta here. All that stressed outedness in one day....it was too much. I came home and indulged in a bit of stress-relief binge eating.....macaroni and cheese and a Pepsi! My empty calorie quota has been blown out of the water...but it sure was satisfying. Now I'm going to curl up with my book until my eyes won't stay open any more....which is probably going to be around 8:00 at the rate things are going.

They said I should know something about this job by next week. YEE HAW!