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Thursday, February 02, 2006


I got tagged to do a meme by Mark .

Topic: Name a food item that you've eaten, prepared 3 different ways. List them, and explain your favorite.


1. Take a big fat ol' chunk of salmon, cut that bad boy in half so its not quite as thick and plop it on the George Foreman. Lower the lid and ssssssssssssssssssss. (winter recipe)

2. Make a little pouch of tin foil. Throw that big ol' salmon chunk in the pouch, add some lemon juice, a smidge of water, pepper, some butter....seal that bad boy up and throw it on the grill. (summer recipe)

You will find this dish more appetizing if you don't leave the salmon's head on there. Eww.

3. Take a big ol' salmon chunk and cut it up. Mix it up with flour, bread crumbs, eggs, pepper, and a little Worchestershire sauce. Throw it in the frying pan, spooning it into little cake-size portions. (the one I hardly ever make recipe)

How can I explain my favorite? Obviously each has its own merits, depending on the season. Oh man, a big ol' hunk of George Foremanized salmon in the dead of winter...its my favorite. And then that gets me to thinking about eating tin foiled salmon in the summer with a frosty beverage of the adult persuasion....pure heaven, its definitely my favorite. And then that starts me to thinking about making tasty salmon cakes...my grandmother and I used to make them together....I guess I would say that's my favorite!

After all that fantastic eating, you'll want to go back to the Slim-Fast and Honey Bun diet as soon as possible.