I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Monday, February 20, 2006


Here it is....Sunday night....and I don't have one darn thing written for this week. Its starting to look like a "Posting-cutesy-pictures-and-lots-quizzes" week.

I have my interview tomorrow (Monday) for the promotion. I went out and bought a new outfit so at least I'll feel special. Working a new outfit is always good therapy for the soul when its under stress. I'm not really worried though....everything at Conglomo moves at a snail's pace....its going to take forever to find out if I even get the job. May as well relax and be myself. With better hair than usual.

I've decided I am going to go for the promotion, even though it isn't working from home. If I don't get the job...working from home is still an option. One thing I didn't make clear is that the home job is still for Conglomo....they'll send tech people out to set me up as far as the computer and all...no pesky software to buy! Working from home sounds so great though....what I wouldn't have given for this offer to have happened when Sparkle was little. And something about turning out quality work while hanging around in my pajamas totally appeals to me.

But then I start thinking....I may never get dressed again! I could just invest in high quality pajamas and become like Kurt Cobain....just wear my pajamas all the time.

Here's Kurt modeling a red silky PJ top.