I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Monday, February 13, 2006



Do you look like this:

Or resemble something like this:

Or even this:

If so, you are totally eligible to be my daughter's next boyfriend! She has decided that she is in love with this particular look.
Personality: Not necessary!
Character: Not important!
Black hair parted on the side and some mascara: Mandatory!

Not sure if you qualify? Here's a handy chart you can compare yourself with!

Sheesh! Back in my day we were just happy to meet a decent guy. Nowadays girls just pick guys by whatever look they define themselves with.

The look is called Emo. Personally, I have a feeling most of the guys might be gay. If Sparkle is falling for gay guys, she came by this trait honestly. I have a long history of falling hard for gay guys. They are beautiful, funny and ten times more interesting than your average beer-guzzling dope-smoking deer hunter .....and all of that is fine unless you actually think a gay guy is going to be your boyfriend. Maybe Sparkle and I should have a talk?

And check this out....a comic book called Emo Boy. I'm totally going over to Ebay and see if I can get one of these for Sparkle's birthday:

Oh yeah.....and if you are an Emo Boy and want to date Sparkle, you're going to have to get past Bitchard first. This is the 12th time they've gotten back together. And when they break up again its going to be the 13th time they've broken up and then when they get back together again it will be their 13th time getting back together....please save me, Emo Boy! Wherever you are!!!