I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Thursday, January 26, 2006


There's a cute little kitty hanging around my house a lot. He's so gray he almost looks blue and he has the cutest little fluffy tail. I need another cat like I need a hole in my head, so I hope he stops hanging around. And my girls are spayed, so he just better look elsewhere if he has dishonorable intentions. Anyway, he looks fed and lack of feeding is what usually triggers my uncontrollable urge to rescue the poor little kitty kitty kitty.....so I think I'm safe.

Tonight I had to carry the trash cart out to the road and I looked up and noticed the sky was crammed with stars! It was so beautiful I had to just stand there and watch awhile, even though the wind was blowing and it was quite chilly. I wish I could watch the stars like that in the summer....but the haze is so bad here you can't even see them a lot of times.

Neil Young quote of the day: "To me, songs are a living thing. It's not hunting to capture. I just want a glimpse of it, so I can record it."
I heart Neil Young.

And to bid you a good day.....some happy fruit! Actually, I guess this is a happy vegetable!

Happy fruit was sent to me by Hope!!!