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Sunday, January 22, 2006


God, I am probably sooooo jinxing myself by writing this....but when has a jinx ever got me to shut up?

I was very worried at the beginning of this winter. Colder temperatures got started up around October, which is a bit early in these here parts. Gas prices were soaring and the Natural Gas people announced they were raising their prices an obscene amount. Weather forecasters everywhere were screaming about what a hard winter we were going to have here in North Carolina.

I've always been on a tight budget and probably will be till the day I die. I have been really worried about making ends meet if the heating bill was going to soar.

Why was I worried? As usual, the weather people have been completely wrong. Yeah, the northeast has had it kind of tough, but that's the usual state of affairs for them. Here in the Carolinas, its been almost balmy. Temps have averaged 50's to 60's....even a few days of 70's!!! I realize there's still a little ways to go....but so far so good!
Even if we get dumped on with a blizzard, I've done well enough that I'm not worried about paying for the heating. What a nice relief.

♪ You're Gonna Make It After Allllllll.... ♪