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Saturday, December 03, 2005


photo totally lifted from Michael K's DListed site....and he probably lifted it from somewhere else!

Pete was arrested for drugs....mere days after leaving rehab...after only being in rehab mere days!!!!

This man is going to die. Soon. Has there ever been a worse Trainwreck?

Seriously, I am thinking about deleting the Trainwreck Desk (scroll down and its to the right, dumbass!). Pete just keeps going further and further and further... They say an addict has to hit bottom before they will change. I think Pete Doherty might be bottomless!!!!!!

He even made CNN today:

You know I'm going to feel mucho guilty for ever having the Trainwreck Desk if this guy kicks the bucket. Then again, its a wonderful testimony to my great psychic powers of spotting a Trainwreck that's going to get famous for Trainwreckin'! That kind of foresight is a gift!

Isn't it?

Okay, I'll keep the Trainwreck Desk. If Pete dies, I'll dedicate the Trainwreck space to all the other Trainwrecks out there, in hopes that they clean up their act.

Here is somebody's disturbing Pete artwork. Artist unknown.