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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Sorry for being such an Internet Drop-out the past few days. Sparkle had a project due the other day and all of a sudden it was like I didn't have anything to blog about anyway. Well, that's not true....I'm very rarely at a loss for words, but nothing has felt very interesting....I don't feel very interesting!!!!!

My project at Conglomo ended on December 15th. The Great Wise Executive and his minions came to our little celebration and gave us heartfelt thanks. And then lo and behold...I and my team-mates were presented with an award! A MONETARY award, you guys! I was awarded with money. At Conglomo. It still takes my breath away a little bit to think about it all. I've worked on projects before and I got nice little certificats and heart-felt thanks before, but this was my first time actually getting money. We were told by the Great Wise Executive that several top-level executives' bonuses were on the line...depending on getting this work done....and that Great Wise Executive had had doubts that we would be able to complete this project because the numbers were so overwhelming. We kicked quite a bit of ass if I do say so myself!

We didn't get an unbelievable amount of award....but still, its more than we had to begin with....and its not like Conglomo was legally obligated to recognize what we had accomplished by any means. It was kind of unreal when several of the team-mates started griping to each other about the amount. But I can't worry about all that....all I know is that Christmas is going to be just a little bit merrier than I had hopes for this year. I might actually get that Holiday Lobster I've been dreaming of, Sparkle gets more clothes from Santa, and the rest goes to pad the savings account. I'm happy.

Oh, yum!

The best part is we were informed that the Great Wise Executive's branch of the company is now going to be creating several new positions, and we the team have been encouraged to apply. Supposedly these new positions will be posted in January. A promotion would be even sweeter. I'm excited about that but I am not going to get my hopes up too high even though we were encouraged. Better to be cautious and hope things just work out for the best.