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Sunday, December 25, 2005



Here's something I received in the mail a long time ago....I'm guessing this was around 1996:

Its an Alice in Chains Christmas tree decorated with beer cans, CDs, a rubber chicken, various stuffed animals, a condom, and other artifacts. Here's the back of it:

I used to join fanclubs back in my pre-internet days so I could get cool stuff. This definitely ranks as cool.

So Sparkle and I were arguing heavily there a week or so ago, and I was really upset and lost my will to blog. Then my will to blog came back but I decided I was sick of online anyway and took one of my trademark Internet Vacations. (This seems to happen about 3 or 4 times a year) Now I'm back and ready to blog, so watch out.

Here's what I got for Christmas:
A purse (badly needed)
umbrella (even more badly needed)
a calendar (owls).....(Johnny Depp calendars apparently not available in my town)
a whole crapload of socks and underwear
A Queens of the Stone Age DVD - yay!
A gift certificate to the mall from my sister & family - yay!
A Deerhoof CD

Sparkle's haul:
Ipod Nano (grandparents)
Jeans, shirts, socks, underwear, a nice belt....this doesn't sound like much but that's where the majority of the money went.
H.I.M. DVD and H.I.M. poster
Avenged Sevenfold CD and poster.
2 books (one about Motley Crue and the other Tommy Lee....sheesh)
Gift certificate to the mall from my sister and family.


I hope all of you get a little something you wanted! Love you and I'll be back!