I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Saturday, December 10, 2005


That most God-Blessed Event of the Season happens tonight....the Family Christmas Party! I cringe just thinking about it. So in honor of this most sacred of events, I am going to reprint from LAST YEAR'S Family Christmas Party blog entry....because after all....nothing ever changes where this subject is concerned.

"Tonight I face an all-too-real horror....The Family Christmas Party!


When I was young they would ask "When are you going to get a boyfriend?"
When I got a boyfriend they would ask "When are you going to get married?"
When I got married they would ask "When are ya'll going to have a baby?"
When I had a baby they would ask "When are ya'll going to have ANOTHER baby?"
Luckily, by then I'd started to wise up.

After I got divorced the cycle started all over again."Boyfriend?" "Married?" Well the pressure has been intense to get married for quite awhile now, but we broke up. So tonight its either going to be "Where's You-Know-Who, he's soooooo nice!" or "When are you going to get a NEW boyfriend?" For just once, I want someone in my family to come up to me and say "Gee, Brenda, you're at a totally good place in your life right now!"
I won't hold my breath too hard.

Guess what, Family? My whole self-worth doesn't depend on whether I'm in a relationship or pro-creating!"

And the Maxine-A-Thon continues.....