I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Thursday, December 08, 2005



Well, thanks to Blogger being its usual self last night, I have no writings or pictures of my own, so go check out these better blogs instead!

http://bitchonthestreet.blogspot.com/ - this blog chronicles the adventures of Kat In Da Hat and Pookie as they navigate the streets of New York. Since I come from a place where sidewalks (if there are any) might come to a complete stop at the edge of woods, its a hoot for me to read about all the crap these gals have to put up with. Whether its the subways, buses, the streets, the sidewalk vendors, or those crazy city folks .....there's always something happening in New York City! Go and visit their wild world now!

http://mannsworld.blogspot.com/ - can you believe that there exists a woman, named Karen, who is right around my age, who not only lives in THIS country but also THIS STATE that loves the rock -n- roll as much if not more than I do? And she goes to a lot more shows than me. Her blog is a rocker's paradise of quickie reviews and pictures from all the shows she has seen. And get this....she's a Mars Volta fan too!!!!!!! She's also a musician. So now I have someone to dish all the rock gossip with. Head directly over to her site now and make sure you bookmark it!

GO DO IT! See ya tomorrow, hopefully!