I would have ruled this world too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
Tuesday, November 22, 2005



Dear Trent:

Thank you so much for your recent CD release "With Teeth". A lot of the younger crowd doesn't like it, but I know (because I am so old and jaded and know about these things) that this is your best and most consistent release ever. This CD you made, it is a good thing!

However, it has come to my attention that you have only released the following songs as singles: "The Hand That Feeds" and "Only".

Now....you named your CD "With Teeth". It would stand to reason that the best song on the CD would be "With Teeth". Well, its true, that is the best song....IMHO! Please hurry up and release this as a single so all of your fans can watch you dominate the charts, instead of all of this hip-hop and rap. Because a lot of your fans are really sick of hip-hop and rap. A lot of the kids will never hear your stuff if you don't dish it out in singles.

Trent as a desk thingie.

And when you make your video for this song, we don't want to see you as an office desk toy. We much prefer the days when you were hanging around a cold meat locker with slabs of meat everywhere, twirling pig heads, deranged monkeys, and you, Trent, twirling around in the air with no strings attached. Please hurry up and make a totally demented video before Tool beats you to it. Because if you don't already know, Tool is preparing to rise again. And they WILL make a demented video.

Your humble fan,
Brenda Love

P.S. While you're at it, will you please contact Queens of the Stone Age and remind them that they have a strong recent release and that they too should release some more singles? Just trying to do my part to save the rock and roll. Thanks!